It's Me Again- Megan.

Ask me anything   I'm a substitute teacher for the Eastern School District in Newfoundland, Canada. I'm what Newfoundlanders call a CFA (Come From Away)-I live here, but I will never be a "Newfoundlander." I'm from Ontario.

I live here with my fiance, Tom, who is studying Archaeology (PhD) at Memorial University. We have lived here for four years. We just bought a car, a house and- to truly embrace the Newfoundland culture- a Newfoundland Puppy named Boatswain (pronounced Bo-Sun, currently 16 months).

I'm into movies, photography and, apparently, internet memes. If I don't have a camera in my hand, you'll probably catch me cruisin' 'round da Bay with my man in our 2008 V6 Mustang.

I'm a nerd at heart- I tend to cycle through my movie, literature, celebrity interests on a fairly regular basis. I'm also very much into my job, my lifestyle here in NL and my own little family.

Yes B'y.

me:*buys new books*
me:*reads harry potter for the 693th time*
me:*reads fanfiction*
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Come on, admit it.  Sometimes you think I’m all right.

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Me most of the year:Want that. Want that. Want that.
Me near my birthday & Christmas:I CANNOT THINK OF A SINGLE THING I WANT.
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어모! 너무 괴예워!

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2014 7/18 CW’s ‘Supernatural’ actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles pose for a portrait during the CW and Showtime’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour in Beverly Hills, California.

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Oh god the “I’m not at comic con 2014” jokes have started appearing on my dash already.

Technically NO ONE is at comic con yet.

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I have never reblogged anything faster in my life.

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they just announced that the 200th episode will be a musical episode



Why is this wait for October suddenly seeming very very long!? Eee!

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